Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Seriously! Your kids are less likely to graduate than you were! It is startling, scary and unfortunately true reality (according to a recent governmental report). Clearly reform must happen now! Schools need to be held accountable to increase graduation rates—ultimately allowing our children opportunities that only a full education can provide. We must pursue proper reforms, therefore not allowing schools to continue down this slippery slop. The horrendous graduation problem is more then just a statistic. Behind every single dropout number, there is a child with severely inadequate education and limited opportunities, there are families stuck in unfortunate situations and there are the consequences this has one the entire community. Parents need to ensure that state and school officials face these facts and enact the necessary reforms supporting our schools. We need to see more of our students in caps and gowns. Effectively proven education reforms are the answer to the appalling dropout crisis.

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