Sunday, November 23, 2008

Charter School Interest Grows in Columbia, MO

Current state law only allows charter schools in St. Louis and Kansas City, which is simply not fair!

As a previous blog notes, Columbia Public schools are failing to educate all students adequately. However, most families (especially those with lower income) lack any practical alternative.

There are two people in particular that already expressed interest in providing Columbia parents greater options through charter schools. Myke Gemkow, who plans to open a private Montessori school for low-income children, would definitely look into charter school opportunities. And Joelle Quoirin would open a French immersion school.

Charter schools have proven to produce positive results. A Harvard University researcher found that students in charter schools score significantly higher on reading and math tests than peers in traditional schools. Furthermore, charter schools are among the top performing schools in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas when it comes to Missouri Assessment Program test scores.

Basically, Missouri needs expanded charter school laws for equality for parents and children!

Read the Columbia Tribune Story.

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