Sunday, November 16, 2008

National School Choice Campaign

School choice deserves support!

Many groups and individuals are passionately crusading for improvements in education through school choice. The Alliance for School Choice launched a new Let Parents Choose campaign last week with a goal of enlisting 10,000 school choice activists.
Registering at will get you free school choice bumper stickers, handbooks and magazines. There is also a place for sharing your story, donating money, reading up on education research and social-networking though a facebook group.

Another aspect to the campaign is aimed at not allowing shocking and disturbing statistics of failing public schools go unnoticed. For example, Approximately 4 million children are attending underperforming schools in America, despite the best efforts of many educators. What's more, a child drops out of school every 26 seconds!! That adds up to more then 1 million drop-outs every year!

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