Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Choice for the Obama Family

As the Obama’s move into the white house they will face the same decision of millions of families across the county will encounter—what school can offer the best education for their children?

Public schools are, of course, the first option. But if these schools are constantly failing to produce results, then this is hardly a contending alternative at all. In fact, being stuck in a public school is more like a parental nightmare!

In some lucky cities there is the publicly funded, privately run option of charter schools. (Obama has thankfully supported this form of parental choice). However, admission is by random by lottery and slots fill up extremely fast.

The other alternative is private schools. Obviously, the Obama’s can financially afford this school choice option, however many families simply can not. The predicted private school decision of the Obama’s will shed pertinent light on the lack of fairness in America’s educational system.

With the future president determining that private schools offer their children superior education, will he still maintain his stance against all private schools voucher models? How could he deny low-income families the same opportunities his children are enjoying? Do his kids deserve more and better opportunity then those with less fortunate economic family circumstance? These questions display the obvious importance of parental school choice.

Clearly it is only morally fair to offer every parent the ability to choose the best for their child. It is extremely important that every child is offered opportunity beyond their family’s income level. Therefore, school choice is the only way to instill the ethical principle of fairness into the education system, while reaping the rewards of improved schools and more educated children!

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