Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zweifel + Education = a good match

Clint Zweifel is running for Missouri Treasurer, currently a Representative from Florissant. I like what he has to say: responsibility to taxpayers, a better understanding of how policy is affecting Missourians in a rocky economic period, reaching across the aisle to “get things done”, I am hopeful for his support on HB 1886, since it seems to embody all those values in addition to helping an oft-overlooked population of special needs students. He says he wants to make a difference, and in this case it’s as simple as a yes vote on this bill, and many special needs children would be able to get an education that can go beyond what their local districts are able to offer. The cost of private tuition for children with special needs is astronomical, and many parents cannot afford that even though it is essential for many learning and developmental disabilities, especially autism.

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