Monday, February 4, 2008

We paid for it: $124,000 entry way in Normandy School District

I recently found a You Paid For It segment from Elliot Davis on Fox 2. It seems that Normandy school district paid $124,000 to build a new entry to their high school. The reasoning behind that, according to the interview, was 1) to hide a new AC/heating unit, and 2) to make students feel better about their school. Now, Normandy is hanging on by a thread as provisionally accredited, and they are pitifully below state averages—4% of Normandy 8th graders were proficient or above in Math compared to the state average of 42%. If I were a student at Normandy, I would rather that expense be spent in the classroom and on teachers. That would make me feel better! Knowing that my school is spending all its resources to give me the best education rather than a swanky brick and iron arch would be a bigger concern, because I can’t take that with me when I graduate.

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