Monday, February 25, 2008

I wanna be superintendent, too!

I would like to apply for the superintendant's job in Columbia Public Schools, Hazelwood, North Kansas City, Springfield.... If I could have a job like that, I would clear $200,000.00 annually plus bountiful other benefits and the public would have a hard time knowing quite how much I make and where all the money I'm tossing around on behalf of 'education' is going. I wouldn't be held accountable when my school district's children fail to reach academic achievement standards because I can blame the problems on the state's lack of funding and I could even spend educational dollars on the frivolous appeal of the adequacy trial suing the MO taxpayers for more money (an unlikely successful appeal means a $billion tax hike for MO) to fund me and my huge salary~that would keep my opposition busy and make people want to give me more money...

Then, since school districts, boards, DESE, etc. are not really required to fully disclose all of their expenditures of taxpayers' dollars, I won't really have to listen to those pesky, whining parents who complain that they are not getting the services they need (and are entitled to) out of my school~Really! Those parents don't know as well as I would how best to keep this system running and where to place their child~REALLY...we NEED those tax dollars we get off each kid! I can also count on the support of the teachers unions and the school boards to maintain my position. I'll just have to make sure to keep those teachers busy with forms and stuff..

Now, where do I send my resume?!

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