Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adequacy Trial continues at expense of students

Unfortunately, the dreaded adequacy trial still goes on. About half of Missouri public schools districts joined this trial several years ago and many still remain part of the appeals process.

First, I would like to give a standing ovation to those that never joined in the first place. They made the right move there. Secondly, I would like to applaud those districts that made the wise decision to pull out: Ash Grove, Bolivar, Carrollton, Columbia, Community, Fox, Hurley, Liberty, McDonald, Montgomery, Naylor, Richards, St. Joseph, and Zalma. Then I would like to urge the remaining districts to get out now before you waste more of the children's (and the taxpayers') money. Lastly, I should point out the districts that have recently joined...Odessa and So. Reynolds. I could not believe it when I heard districts were decided to join now!

This case has cost millions of dollars and is not over yet. The schools need to learn to be more financially sufficient, and those schools still appealing are not displaying they can do this. The schools (and the boards for that matter) need to realize more money will not fix these schools and they are only delaying a solution.

For the sake of the students, drop this suit now before millions more are wasted!

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