Sunday, December 2, 2007

Problems within Rural Schools

Rural education faces many roadblocks, ones that make it difficult to accomplish the job. On the college level, it faces several constraints as well. According to the Waynesville Daily Guide, the commissioners of Pulaski County has agreed they support vocational and technical schools in rural Missouri, but they could not all agree on how this should be accomplished.

Problems in rural education like this are quite common. Administrations have problems agreeing. Because of this, there seem to be problems with their accountability. Children in rural areas face certain hardships as a result. The schools need to be fiscally responsible and be sure their limited funds are allocated properly to best benefit the children. Many of the rural schools do not have funding to properly educate students with various needs so their managing of funds is even more crucial.

Unfortunately, children are stuck in those schools even if they cannot educate them well. The children, whose needs are not being met, should have the option of switching to another school. Just because they live in one rural school district, does it mean they are not entitled to a quality education?

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