Monday, December 10, 2007

Columbia School District sets it Priorities

Adequate funding for the district is the top priority of the Columbia School District. I hope that the board members think about this seriously. Obviously, funding is absolutely crucial for the schools. However, I find it slightly strange that so many districts around Missouri have found it necessary to waste the funding they were given on a lawsuit. Many districts seem so concerned about getting more money, yet total the lawsuit has cost over $4.6 million. This money could have been used in the schools, buying books, paying salaries, or doing renovations. Instead, it is sitting the bank accounts of lawyers.

Columbia has spent tens of thousands of dollars on this suit so far. As to whether they will stay part of the appeal is still up for debate. I was hoping to learn from the Tribune article that Columbia decided to pull out of it. My town, not far from Columbia, is thankfully not part of the suit. I still do not like to see the children’s education money being thrown away like it is. I know several school board members in Columbia would like to withdraw from the case, let’s hope they convince the rest of them. They need to pull out now before they waste any more money.

One other big priority for Columbia Public schools is asking legislators to oppose tuition tax credits and school choice. I think this is a huge mistake. Choice should be available for the parents and the children. Representative Ed Robb is for tuition tax credits and charter schools; he has and will continue to push for these. St. Louis and Kansas City are the only two cities in Missouri allowed to operate charter schools, but hopefully this will change soon.

Columbia is an amazing town, and I love having that type of community within 30 minutes of my rural home. Hopefully, they can make the right decisions.

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