Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Doing Something for Education

We all know that a great education is important. I think some people may not realize a child's elementary education can and will affect their high school achievement, which will then affect if they attend college and how successful they are. According to DESE, fewer than 24 percent of the graduates from St. Louis and Kansas City public schools attend four year colleges and fewer than 40 percent of graduates from rural areas attend either a 2 or a 4 year college. According to DESE, in 2005, fewer than 5 percent of two-year college students transferred to public four year colleges.

Earlier this year, The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation donated $1 million to advise Missouri students in the college process. MU was one of only 10 colleges throughout the country to receive this grant.

"We are squandering a huge national resource when millions of America's best high school graduates never get to college, or fail to advance beyond a two-year community college program," said Foundation Executive Director Matthew J. Quinn. "Our Foundation is committed to addressing the college enrollment gap by providing crucial information to promising students facing financial barriers."

The grant will target rural and urban high schools that do not have Missouri A+ School designation and that fall below the state average in the percentage of their graduates who go to college.

Children in rural areas face certain challenges when it comes to education, whether it be elementary, secondary, or at the collegiate level. Missouri students in rural areas need help. While there are many ways to address these issues, this grant is a great start.

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