Saturday, December 29, 2007

Charter Schools Serve up Education with Ice Cream on Top!

How sweet it is! While Kansas City and St. Louis Public Schools lose their accreditation, the emerging success of charter schools brings the promise of hope to children in St. Louis. Kids who, prior to attending charter school Lift for Life Academy, were not performing at grade level were accelerated and put back on the path of educational advancement. Some of the children at this middle school are performing at high school levels by graduation. By being empowered to respond rapidly to immediate needs, the schools' administration is able to address individual concerns and steer the school with pinpoint control and quick response to concerns of parents and the needs of children. Something as simple as an ice cream treat can provide incentive to children and a teacher can make the request and in mere moments walk away with a check in hand for 12 ice cream cones--no red tape and paperwork filled out in triplicate. Read more from the St. Louis Post Dispatch about Lift for Life Academy here: "St. Louis in midst of charter school boom" .

Also from the Post Dispatch:


St. Louis is in the midst of a charter school boom. The mayor has called for dozens more of the privately run, tuition-free public schools. National networks are already targeting the city. Five charters opened this year alone. Now 15 campuses serve 7,700 students. This story is the first in a periodic series profiling each. Charter schoo

ls are only one of many educational alternatives that are causing Americans to rethink how we educate our children. With their continued success here in Missouri, the hope of bright futures shines for those who avail themselves of these new opportunities. Now, how about some charter schools in the county?!

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