Friday, November 9, 2007

Making choices for my sons

My children are the most important things to me. Therefore, the education of my children is incredibly important to me. I am very involved in their schooling. We have interactive homework time everyday, discussion time every evening at dinner with the whole family, and weekend “fun” learning time. Needless to say, my children are very interested in learning.

Unfortunately, I am unable to pay for my school of choice and have been forced to send them to the public schools in the St. Louis School District. Where and when I grew up, the public schools were pretty good. Now, the schools I send my boys to have been unaccredited, which really did not surprise me. I am trying to make the best choices for my boys. However, I am currently standing in front of a brick wall. I cannot seem to get them transferred out to better schools. I hope this is taken care of quickly. There are so many wonderful students within these districts that deserve a chance. Their futures may be plighted forever. I have the time to keep up with my children and teach above and beyond what they are learning in schools. There are so many parents in their schools that do not have as much time, some work two or even three jobs. There are single mother and single fathers. The schools should be able to do more for the children.

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