Monday, November 26, 2007

The Adequacy Case, Paid for by the State, not the Teachers

Using the schools’ money to sue the state is a breach of faith. Taxpayers assumed this money was being used directly in the schools and did not approve it to be used for this lawsuit.

However, the school adequacy case is a nice deal for the school unions. While they use money given to the schools to sue the state, they only managed to donate about $7,100 to this case. All the while, they spent over $4.6 million of the taxpayers’ dollars. Suing the state cost double what it cost to defend the state. Either way you look at it, it was all money wasted.

They argue it is a case fought for the children, but it would actually raise wages for the teachers. Furthermore, if the case was won, the money would have to be siphoned from another area, such as higher education, Medicare, mental health, etc.

Tax Dollars Spent on this Case:

Local School Districts have spent $3.2 million, which excludes district personal time. The state, from the Attorney general’s office, has spent $1.4 million, which excludes any state personal time. According to the CEE, the total contributions from the teachers’ unions total just over $7,000:

School Personnel $200
  • Missouri K-* Schools Association $900

If the teacher unions were so concerned with the welfare of the children, why did they use money allocated to them to sue the state instead of acquiring more donations of their end?

This lawsuit needs to come to an end and stop wasting money. Many school districts are planning an appeal. However, there are several districts that have pulled out of the case. Hopefully, the other districts will follow their example.

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