Monday, November 5, 2007

Adequacy Case

The CEE has decided to use more money and appeal the case they so obviously lost the first time around. They have already wasted over $4 million, which includes what they state had to use in defense, and now they want to use more. So, the school districts have used your money to fight for more of your money when they clearly already have more than enough. The law says the state must spend at least 25% of revenues on education. Judge Callahan initially said the courts should not be involved, but then came out later and announced the state was without a doubt giving more than enough money to the schools.

The appeals will most likely cost millions more. That is millions of our money. Money that I thought was going towards education, not lawyers! And who knows how much more will be wasted on this. Studies have shown recently that more money does not increase student achievement. So, that goes to show the children will not even benefit from this case if they would happen to win the appeal. It would be more money the taxpayers have to spend.

There is still hope though…urge your district to get out now!

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Sally said...

I agree whole-heartedly. All districts should get out NOW. I know some have dropped, but it looks like enough of them will remain and go back and, as you say, they will be told NO again...after spending more of our taxpayers' millions. The appeal is probably going to cost more than the original suit! All the info is out there--more money isn't the answer...we need to find the REAL problems and then the REAL solutions!