Friday, October 26, 2007

Crisis in Missouri Education

Missouri's education in facing very hard times right now. There are so many things going on and strong action needs to be taken now! I am not even sure where to start... First, about half of the school districts in Missouri have been suing the state for more money. Luckily, some districts have been smart and pulled out and others should really follow suit. This article, in the Columbia Tribune, shows more details about the case and why people should pull out.

Secondly, looking at St. Louis Public schools, it is so upsetting what I am learning about this. The schools have been unaccredited and the parents would like to have their kids switch districts. Legally, they are allowed to do so and have their district foot the bill. However, the other districts have been turning these students away. Thirdly, bring me to the special needs students. Many children with special needs need to have a tailored fit education. If their schools are not capable of doing this, they should be allowed to attend schools that are, even if the schools happen to be a private or have religious affiliation. Beyond these issues that are dear to my heart, there are many other issues we all need to confront and do something about them.

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