Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adequacy Lawsuit

The adequacy lawsuit taking place in the fine state of Missouri has been getting a lot of press. I was happy to hear the judge's decisions so far, ruling in favor of the state. So now that Liberty has pulled out of the lawsuit and other districts need to follow suit. It is very disconcerting to me that I pay money in taxes for education, yet some of those funds are now being used for a lawsuit I do not agree with. The schools do not need more money, they need something else. Money has not fixed the schools in the past, why would they be fixed in the future. There are so many other options out there. Maybe some people have not heard of them.

Let's start with the teachers, Merit Pay for Missouri Teachers or Missouri Supporting Teaching Excellence are some sites I found with good info.

Choice is a huge issue that needs to be seriously considered for Missouri. Our schools are hurting and we need to do something. Your Child, Your Choice, right? At least it should be.

When you realize that money is not what the schools need, please call your school districts and convince them to follow Liberty's example and get out of this case.

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