Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School Choice in Columbia

Columbia Public Schools board member Ines Segert has been receiving criticism lately for her decision to enroll her son in the private Columbia Independent School.

The quality of education at this school is revered throughout the community. Which is obvious given the fact that parents, including Dr. Segert, think it is worth 10 grand a year per child.

Dr. Seger's decision reminds us of the importance of fairness in Missouri's education. As legislation currently stands, Charter Schools (or free public alternative schools) are not allowed in Columbia (or anywhere in the state for that matter--besides Kansas City & St. Louis). Therefore, those that can not afford the cost of private institutions are basically stuck, leaving parents powerless against poor performance or unmotivated teachers.

This controversy can also be used to illustrate that school choice efforts SUPPORT public schools. When parents are given options, ALL schools are held accountable, therefore public schools improve and all children are better educated!

School choice must enter any public and political discussion on education!

School choice up to parents

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