Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parents Review St. Louis Public Schools

Though the performance statistics prove otherwise, some still try to claim that the St. Louis Public School District is doing just fine. But instead of ignoring the problem all together, let’s look at what those affected have to say.

A review submitted by Annette Peoples, a parent from the Lyon-Blow Middle School:
“No sports…No one really guiding the right why…No one take time…The children’s teachers and principal are always blaming and never trying to get to the root of the problem. Kids attacks each other...This is not right.”

Another review from Buder Elementary School by parent Sarah Kelmendi:
“The teachers tend to be very rude and sarcastic to the kids which in turn lowers the students confidence, making it difficult to learn. Some teachers are down right mean! I make it a point to be at school everyday just to make sure my kids are not being verbally abused. In my opinion teachers should be nurturing and supportive, this is not the case at Buder. Unfortunately I think all St. Louis public schools are like this, I've checked them out.”

Yet another, this one of Sigel Elementary School:
“This school has got to be one of the worst schools in the district. The teachers don't care. They don't teach. All they do is shove piles of worksheets in front of the kids' faces and expect them to know what to do. The behavior and bullying is outrageous. The principal is lacking in credibility and backbone. There is no oversight on her part at all. The test scores were at 3% in all areas, then in 2004 they raised them meeting AYP, only to have them drastically fall the next year. What are they doing? They had tutoring when they were trying to meet AYP then when they did, they cut it out. Are they really for academic success? I don't see evidence of it. Grade F.”

Unfortunately, St. Louis Public Schools are unaccredited for a reason and families are really suffering. Passionate leaders and legislators must fight for education reform to ensure a proper education for all children and stop these unfortunate horror stories.

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