Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Americans for Prosperity Ads call out Missouri Schools

The Adequacy lawsuit in Missouri is still making the headlines. Unfortunately it is still getting attention because many schools are still participating in it. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) recently released several ads against the suit. Hopefully, those ads will reach people in the districts still participating and urge their schools to withdraw their participation. Several schools have decided it is not a good idea to stay in. Francis Howell, Liberty, Naylor, St. Joseph, and Columbia School Districts are ones that I know have pulled out. Missouri Political News Services talks about the AFP ads and also has links to them. According to AFP:

Columbia, MO, January 14, 2008 - A $100,000 multi-media ad campaign created by Americans for Prosperity - Missouri (AFP-MO) is causing quite a flurry of phone calls to the organization’s state director and former Missouri House Speaker Pro Tem, Carl Bearden. The first television spot opens with hogs feeding at a trough and accuses many of Missouri public school boards of pigging out in their lawsuit against local taxpayers.

"The lion’s share of the calls that I am receiving from this campaign are very supportive. When taxpayers find out that they are being sued by public school boards for $1 billion without showing how all this extra money is going to improve education for our kids, well people are outraged, to say the least," said Bearden.

I applaud AFP for the release of these ads and agree with the stance they are taking. Let's hope someone is listening to the messaging!

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